Get Started with Viva Connections: 3 Day Workshop


This workshop will provide details about what Viva Connections brings to the table for an Enhanced Employee Experience

In Organizations with a global and mobile workforce the Employee Experience becomes the backbone of the organization. Our Viva Connections Workshop focuses on enhancing this experience and helps to improve productivity and engagement of the employee while simplifying the way work gets done.

With the Viva Connections Workshop, you’ll get:

  • The “why” behind Viva Connections
  • Details about what Viva Connections brings to the table for you and your employees
  • An explanation of how Viva Connections centralizes and simplifies the experience
  • Examples of how Viva Connections fits seamlessly into your work life
  • A demo of Viva Connections
  • Details on what’s included in the free “Seeded” version and the Premium version
  • A peek into the integrations that are planned for Day 1 and beyond
  • Access to our experts to talk about how all Viva products support your strategy
Workshop Details:
  • Day One
    • Kickoff call to align stakeholders
    • Teams as a platform explained
    • Identify priorities & pain points
    • Ideate possible scenarios
  • Day Two
    • Understand existing systems & processes
    • Discuss and document possible scenarios
  • Day Three
    • Understand existing systems & processes
    • Whiteboard potential solution
  • Key Workshop Deliverables
    • Viva Discovery Workshop Report
    • Viva (Client) Roadmap

Want to be an innovator?
Join us and we’ll be your guide.
Get started with Microsoft Viva and Cognizant!

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