Continia Document Capture Rapid Implementation - Purchase Approval

Dibs consulting BV

The easiest way to setup Continia's Document Capture's Purchase Approvals. An experienced consultant explains how to setup Purchase Approval Flows.

If you want to setup your Purchase Invoice approvals, this 1-day workshop is what you need! For nine ten now, we organize Document Capture training for users on finance departments. To save time and cost, we have developed an online modular training through Teams. Users can record the sessions for later use, and we can be flexible in start and end time. We work in your environment and use your invoices during the training. This way, everyone understands the examples and the main benefit is that you can use the templates we have created together during training! This training is specifically for new users who do not want to spend too much time setting up purchase approval and prefer learning on the job. We will be setting up your flows the way you want them, so you have a working system by the end of the day. This training is part of a series of training you can take on Document Capture. You can select modules of training from our AppSource offerings, finetuning your Continia Document Capture installation. You can select modules of training from our AppSource offerings, finetuning your Continia Document Capture installation. We work with the following modules: Base training Purchase approval Purchase Order matching and automatic assign to user feature Advanced Line Recognition Purchase Contracts Other Document Categories (create Sales Orders, update Purchase Orders based on a Sales Order confirmation)

These modules cover every inch of Document Capture. We also have bespoke training offerings if you need something more custom.

Deliverables: During the training day, we address three target audiences: IT, Finance, and the Controller. The contents of the Purchase Approval training are: With IT, we start with a brief explanation on licensing, permission sets and what to do when new approvers need to be set up in the system. Finance can also join this bit. With Finance, we setup the approvers in the system while we find out which approval types fit your company best. Amongst other topics, we explain Continia’s approval flows; Purchaser approval flows with amount limits; Forwarding approvals; Approval sharing and group approval.

If you have booked multiple modules, we will hand out the homework assignments for the next day of training and wait with the go-live until your last day of training.

Assumptions, Requirements & conditions: To be able to take this course, you need a system with Document Capture setup. If you are new to Document Capture, we recommend taking the Base Implementation course which you can find in our other listings We ask you to prepare an overview of your purchase approval hierarchy Additionally, we need some documents “ready to go” in the document journal The training is optimized for a max of 5-7 attendees. If more attendees wish to join the extra costs will be calculated based on an hourly fee. We assume you setup other companies yourself after the workshop Also, we need working Email Accounts in Business Central.

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