Power BI Data Journalism Rpt: 1-Day Implementation

Enlighten Designs Ltd

*Data storytelling made easy with Enlighten Designs and Power BI.*

The most effective stories are often interactive, visually compelling, and provide deep insight through data. Start telling data-rich stories today. This offer for a simple interactive data journalism report built with Power BI is designed to help journalists, media organizations and influencers create factual, engaging stories that enable audiences to explore and understand data in new ways. As a founding co-collaborator of Microsoft’s Data Journalism program, Enlighten Designs is uniquely positioned to partner with you on visual creation. We've worked with global media organizations and brands, including The Associated Press, Vox Media and WIRED; and our collaborations have included the creation of interactive visuals for breaking news, Emmy-winning live election coverage, enterprise-level PR initiatives, and customized business intelligence solutions. ### Deliverables * Creation of a single chart data journalism report to be embedded in an online article * Instructions on how to use Power BI Publish-To-Web functionality to embed your interactive data story online * Use of existing brand assets and provision of one (1) design iteration * A .pbix file of your report * Support documentation on how to update your data and troubleshooting for publish to web
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