Power BI Introductory Training: 1-Day Workshop

enVista Enterprise Solutions, LLC (EES) - MBS

*Customized, instructor-led introductory Power BI training for back-end and front-end reporting and dashboards.*

enVista offers a 1-day customized, instructor-led **Introductory Training Power BI Training** to help you quickly understand how to create robust, flexible, and expressive data models with Power BI. Additionally, our training sessions can be completely customized and tailored leveraging your own organizational data. Whether you are reporting from Dynamics 365 or third-party data sources, enVista's Power BI Training is designed to ramp up your staff quickly and efficiently. ### Features and Benefits - Training can be customized to your organization’s and staff’s needs and requirements - Training can be done with your organizational data to ensure clarity and confidence - Small class sizes are used to maximize student participation and knowledge transfer - Each tutorial offers an introduction to a concept and a hands-on lab - Training can take place onsite or virtually - All code and files used during the training are provided by enVista ### Sample Agenda #### Morning Session Objectives & Topics enVista guides students on using Power BI to connect to, transform, create new relationships from, and create DAX calculations on data models. - Topic #1: Connecting to Data - Topic #2: Preparing the Data - Topic #3: Modeling Data - Topic #4: Creating Simple DAX Calculations #### Afternoon Session Objectives & Topics enVista guides students through building reports that can be shared for broader consumption that reveal actionable insights. - Topic #5: Power BI vs Excel - Topic #6: Building Reports in Power BI - Topic #7: Sharing, Distributing, and Securing Power BI Reports - Topic #8: Refreshing Data ### Key Outcomes & Deliverables Upon completion of the training, enVista will provide all code and files used during the training.
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