Dynamics365 Solution Backup-2 Week implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

This application helps end user to take backup of Dynamics365 solutions in manual and planned way. User have choice of taking backup of solution both managed and unmanaged at the same time.

Development Team spend a large amount of time taking Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Backups. The activity is tedious and repetitive. Dynamics 365 Solution Backup is a tool which takes Dynamics 365 sales and marketing service business solutions and power platform solution backups automatically and saves in the local machine. A scheduled and automatic activity for Solutions backups will be ideal for the teams.


Around-the-clock protection : Backups run automatically, minimizing recovery point objectives (RPOs) for our item-level restore. Store Solution files wherever and recover whenever.

Automatic Backups: Log in, set it—don’t fret it. Automatically backup up multiple times a day and store data wherever you’d like!

Customized Solutions: Users will be able to backup both Managed and Unmanaged Solutions at once using this tool. This leverages users to use the Solution depending on the target system requirements.

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