Cognizant's Frontline Worker with Store Operations Assist


Empower your retail workforce with information and tools that will will streamline operations and enable then to deliver a more personalised customer experience.

80% of the global workforce are frontline workers. They are the first touch point and the face for your company. However, 1/3 say that they do have the right technology to do their job effectively.

Cognizant’s Frontline Worker with Store Operations Assist offering enables you to design and deploy a reimagined employee experience for your frontline workers. Our solution, built on Microsoft Teams, and enhanced with Microsoft Power Platform, provides your employees with a centralized workplace hub for real-time communication, collaboration, personalized content and information delivery, and access to the tools and applications they use every day via a “single pane of glass”, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between multiple applications and devices - so they can quickly find the information they need to answer customer queries and efficiently perform in-store operations.

Frontline Worker Solution Business Outcomes:

  • Access to key information and applications is streamlined into one application
  • Instant voice communication speeds up customer service in-store, back of house and curb side
  • Employees receive personalized content with audience segmentation
  • Manage shifts and tasks seamlessly with a simple and secure mobile tool
  • Employee praise happens within the flow of work
  • Automation frees up time to focus more on customers
  • Employee growth and development is accelerated
The estimated offer price relates to the initial consultation. For the subsequent workshop and related implementation project, price and actual duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the initial consultation.

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