Warehouse Optimization: 3-Wk Assessment

Nexer Group AB

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Warehouse Management Assessment

Many businesses struggle with hidden inefficiencies in their warehouse operations, leading to lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, and missed opportunities. Nexer’s Dynamics 365 Warehouse Optimization Assessment helps you uncover inefficiencies and effectively leverage Dynamics 365 Supply Chain functionality to unlock improvements and optimize resources. Nexer’s Dynamics 365 and supply chain experts will dive deep into your current warehouse operations, analyzing data, processes, and workflows within your Dynamics 365 system.

Nexer’s warehouse optimization assessment includes:

  • Identifying Bottlenecks: Pinpoint areas where inefficiencies cost you time and money, from picking and packing to inventory management and shipping.
  • Creating Data-Driven insights: Leverage data from your D365 system to provide actionable recommendations backed by concrete evidence.
  • Recommending Tailored Solutions: Develop a customized plan for improving warehouse efficiency and optimizing D365 SCM.

You can customize this offering for your warehouse operations. Price is based on scope of work.

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