Dynamics 365 Business Central Complex Implementation: 3-Week Assessment

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We offer a 3-week assessment to estimate the cost and timeline of a Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.

As part of the assessment process, we will analyze your business processes and prepare the required documentation. Our team will engage industry-leading experts who specialize in your key functional areas to participate in the assessment, ensuring a thorough and detailed analysis of each requirement.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a FIT-GAP document which outlines all of your requirements and demonstrates how they will be addressed, either by utilizing standard Business Central functionality or through customization. Along with this, you will receive a comprehensive project plan that includes detailed information regarding tasks, milestones, required resources, and project deadlines. The document will also cover the project's assumptions, limitations, and potential risks.

We suggest that before requesting this assessment, you consider our complimentary "Dynamics 365 BC: 1-Day Workshop" to confirm whether Dynamics 365 BC is the optimal system for your business.

The assessment can be carried out either in an online format or in person. If it is required for our team to travel to another city or country, the travel expenses will be covered separately.


Part 1 (2 weeks) – Analysis and documentation your business requirements;
  • Discovery Phase: During this phase, our team will gain a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, requirements, and objectives. This phase also involves identifying and documenting any limitations or potential roadblocks that may impact the implementation process.
  • Technical Analysis: This phase involves evaluating your existing technical infrastructure and identifying any necessary upgrades or changes to support the implementation.
  • Part 2 (1 week) – FIT-GAP document and Project Plan preparation.
    • Solution Design: Based on the information gathered in the discovery phase, our team will develop a solution design that outlines how Dynamics 365 Business Central will be implemented and tailored to meet your specific needs.
    • Fit-Gap Analysis: During this phase, our team should perform a Fit-Gap analysis to determine how Dynamics 365 Business Central can address your requirements and objectives. This analysis also identifies any areas where customization or third-party solutions may be necessary.
    • Cost and Timeline Estimate: Based on the information gathered and analyzed in the previous phases, our team should develop an estimate of the cost and timeline required for the Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. This estimate should also include a breakdown of any additional costs associated with third-party solutions, customizations, or infrastructure upgrades.

    The agenda and price outlined are based on an average implementation and may be adjusted as required.


    • Express Fit-Gap Analysis document (a high-level view): A report that outlines how your requirements align with the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central and identifies any customization or additional development work that may be required.
    • Implementation Plan: Develop an implementation plan that outlines the steps needed to deploy Business Central and integrate it with existing systems. This may include data migration, user training, and testing.
    • Budget estimation: A detailed estimate of the implementation costs, including licensing, hardware, customization, and development costs.

    The specific deliverables may vary depending on the scope of the assessment and the needs of your organization.

    Why N.Progression?

    • We offer extensive multi-platform expertise in the complete Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure.
    • Our deep industry expertise based on 20 years of Microsoft experience and our industry-specific business process modeling and implementation methodology enable faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership
    • We offer exclusive add-on products featured on Microsoft AppSource, which help make migration faster and less risk

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