Business Central Customization: 1-Hr Assessment

David Boehm, CPA and Company Inc.

*Spend one hour with us and learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be implemented and customized to meet your needs.*

Virtually every implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central requires at least some degree of extension or customization. This can usually be accomplished through: * AL language programming extensions * Microsoft PowerApps * Microsoft Power BI * SSRS report development, etc. ### Agenda * We will spend one hour with you to review your needs * We will help you compare these to the capabilities that currently exist within Dynamics 365 Business Central and available third-party extensions * In instances where your needs can’t be accommodated by pre-existing functionality, we will provide you with an assessment of how best to meet those needs ### Deliverables * We will discuss the specific technology tools we would use to meet your needs, along with an estimated cost and timeline for completion * In most cases, we can conclude with a fixed-price proposal For an example of what can be accomplished through extensions, please see our [24/7 TimeTracker]( app available through AppSource. Please contact us to arrange an on-line or in-person meeting.
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