Data Visualization Pack: 5-Day Proof of Concept


*Our data visualization solution speeds up decision-making within your company and simplifies strategizing by providing relevant information. Make the most of your data using Microsoft Power BI!*

Years of close cooperation with our customers taught us that many companies process a huge amount of data and gather a lot of information, but they don’t take full advantage of it. The result of our expertise is the Data Visualization Pack. It’s a unique tool for strategy planners, department heads, managers, and data analysts. We will provide you with interactive dashboards adjusted to your business needs. Well-visualized data make valuable insights more accessible and the use of BI solutions become seamless and fruitful, which translates into the success of the project and a significant improvement in the efficiency of the decision-making process. For a better understanding of our solution, we prepared the offer of proof of concept that allows our customers to get to know all Power BI usage benefits. **Customer challenges:** * Using the wrong tools to analyze data * Not having the right skills for data analysis * Working on large Excel files and using misleading graphs **Our solution:** * A convenient, interactive way for presenting data in real time * Personalized dashboards adapted to business needs * A modern look that’s consistent with the company brand book **Agenda** * Four-hour consultation with the customer to gather requirements * Design of dashboards mockups * Report development **Deliverables** * Clear insights that improve your decision-making process * Simple and intuitive access to your business data with interactive dashboards, updated in real time **Pricing factors which might change the estimated pricing:** * The number of report pages delivered in Power BI will not exceed five pages * Number of data sources – up to two (SQL Server and Excel) * Travel and requirement for onsite work * Maximum one business area/department * Data will be filtered/grouped by up to five dimensions * Maximum five business measures implemented
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