SherWeb BI & Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation


*Looking for ways to optimize your organization’s performance? Hit the ground running with production-ready Power BI reports that will help you make smarter business decisions.*

**Simplify Your Reporting System** Are you tired of sifting through several sources to monitor your business data? With SherWeb’s BI & Analytics solution, you can view all the complex data you want from one central location. For example, if you’re a CEO, Marketer or Sales Manager, you can take advantage of these great benefits: * Save big money on your manual reporting processes * Get a 360-degree view of your business and get valuable insights from your data * Help the sales team meet its targets * Improve your sales forecast * Identify and increase ROI by product * Improve customer fidelity **Entrerprise-grade BI for an Affordable and Predictable Cost** Traditional BI projects can cost up to six figures. And it’s rare that self-serve BI tools will offer the guidance and reliability you need. SherWeb’s team of BI experts will help you pick the right KPIs and deliver secure, high-quality reports in weeks, not months. ### Deliverables: **Week 1 Kickoff and requirements** * Reporting needs analysis * Data discovery and quality assessment * Recommendations and selection of best practice KPIs **Week 2-3 Connect & ETL** * Activate Azure tenant * Deploy instance of SQL Azure database * Connect to your on-premises and cloud sources * Map data sources to destination * Write ETL processes for each data source **Week 4 Acceptance and deployment** * End-to-end data accuracy and testing * Solution ready for customer sign-off * Configure and deploy Power BI users * Train users on reports and Power BI features **Fixed-price monthly subscription** SherWeb offers a flexible monthly subscription which can be adapted to your business needs. You can quickly add and adjust your reports at a fraction of the initial setup fee. Monthly subscription costs are not included in the offer price. See below for details.
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