Dynamics 365 in Manufacturing: 4-Hr Workshop

Wipfli LLP

An engagement tailored for the manufacturing industry to explore how Dynamics 365 can enhance your customer life cycle.

Wipfli offers a unique and powerful customer life cycle solution built on Dynamics 365 Sales and tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Our solution creates one simple-to-use interface across your entire enterprise, allowing you to effectively manage vital information on your dealer and distribution channels, customers, products under warranty, and claims. It keeps your entire organization up to date on every customer and product life cycle, letting you improve customer satisfaction and achieve service excellence.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Review of core processes & current business challenges
  • Demonstration of Dynamics 365 Sales in manufacturing and how it aligns with your business challenges


  • Learn how Dynamics 365 Sales can streamline your processes and increase collaboration
  • Gain an understanding of Microsoft’s technology roadmap
  • Discover best practices within your industry

You will also gain a comprehensive overview of how you can manage the complete customer life cycle from sales, production, and delivery to service after the sale, which includes the following topics:

  • Link customer information, service contracts, product warranties, and sales records to centrally manage customer interactions and put that information in the hands of those who need it, when they need it
  • Track products after the sale and manage profitably more throughout the life cycle
  • Ensure better sales channel management and integrate sales and marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness
  • Improve service delivery processes and worker productivity, manage change/service orders, and streamline workflow
  • Provide visibility and real-time information to empower a mobile work force
  • Get early insights into product quality and profitability to address them quickly


This session is for Business Leaders, IT, and Sales Managers The workshop addresses use of Dynamics 365 Sales and apps for manufacturers

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