Teams-Custom-Solution: 5-wk Implementation

Xekera Systems Inc

Xekera's Teams Custom Solution makes Microsoft Teams a persistent chat-based collaboration platform with enhanced company communicator app, New employee onboarding app and Leave management app.

We provide professional services to implement the Teams custom solution for Microsoft 365 products. Our solution provides add-on service for Microsoft Teams that adds the feature to enable authors to attach multiple files in the company communicator app. Our Solution adds feature to provide authors the functionality to schedule announcements for future delivery. It also has the ability to records the acknowledgements and interactions with the announcement message in the company communicator app. Similarly, our Teams Custom Solution has add-on features for the New Employee Onboarding (NEO) app. It offers a consistent and high-quality onboarding experience across organization. It connects new employees to their colleagues with an icebreaker and empowers stakeholders to easily contribute towards new employee onboarding. Moreover, It reminds new hires of the weekly tasks according to the new hire checklist and enables Human Resources Teams collect feedback to assist new employees in onboarding. Our Solution for NEO App will take you along your onboarding journey- introducing you to the team while learning processes. And it will respond to the following commands in the chat: ● New employee checklist (the checklist itself is a SharePoint site) ● Share feedback Our enhanced solution also include rebranding (Name, Description and Logo) and Updated welcome note and headers. Our Microsoft 365 Teams Custom Solution also provides an enhancement to the leave management system which is all-in-one platform that handles all employee vacation requests while ensuring smooth functioning of their operations. Our robust leave management app eliminates paperwork, removes manual interventions, improves communication, offers real-time visibility of data, ensures legal compliance, reflects your organization’s values through such features such as: ● Apply For Leaves ● Edit Leaves Request ● Listing of Leaves ● Leave Approval portal

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