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Power BI Visual to visualize processes

Companies steadily pursue to find new ways how to enhance productivity and to unleash unused potential. This fact matches with the goal of process mining which is to extract and visualize relevant information on processes to identify optimization potential. Process mining benefits from increased popularity since large process datasets are available and stored nowadays. Microsoft Power BI is a great fit for these analysis since it is easy to use, intuitive, and can handle statistical analysis of large datasets.

The Process Mining Tool developed by AppSphere with Microsoft Power BI helps companies to identify optimization potential of processes and thus increase productivity and customer as well as employee satisfaction based on smart data analytics.

Value add for customer after the implementation of Process Mining Using Power BI:
  • Identification of friction points and bottlenecks
  • High degree of transparency on process KPIs
  • Release of unused potential
  • Deep and improved process analysis to leverage wasted resources
  • Increment of your customer and employee satisfaction
  • Identification of Quick Wins, that will leverage value add in a very short timeframe
  • Improvement of operational excellence
  • Insights at any time, place and device
  • Ongoing monitoring to track impacts of actions

Important note:
The version offered here is freeware that is limited to a certain number of data records. If there is a need to include further data records in the analysis, please contact us for customized activation depending on your requirements.

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