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The bisting App is a powerful generic toolbox that simplify your business

Toolbox with generic features that simplify your business and handles all your data import and export in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Bisting Core app is a powerful toolbox with generic functions that simplify the way to set up integrations and data import/export in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with a centralized monitoring, logging, and proactive alerts. In addition, there are much more features that optimize your business with smart features, and which simplifies your working day. bisting Core can be used by both people with limited technical skills and by hardcore developers.


bisting Relax, you are in control!

We already mentioned a few functions but here are more examples of what can be performed with bisting Core.

  • Sales to transfer - Instead of using Transfer Order, use normal Sales Order.
  • Shipment Queue - Make sure products are delivered in the right order to the right customer.
  • Multicompany – Support operational work and customers legal structure and demands.
  • Integrate e-Commerce solutions
  • Export product, price, inventory data for your retailers
  • Sync data between Business Central and your WMS
  • Create data feeds for market places


Key features and benefits

  • Import and export files in many formats like Text, Excel, XML/SOAP, JSON, EDIFACT
  • Connect with REST API's
  • Centralized Monitoring, Logging and Proactive Alerts


Supported editions

This app supports the Essential edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central


Supported languages

This app is available in English.


Supported countries 

This App is available in: Sweden

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