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Project management with Jira and Business Central

Managing projects is hard enough, keeping track of budgets, and invoicing your clients shouldn't make it more complicated.

b.jira enables you to synchronize everything you need to keep track of budgets and invoice your customers from Jira directly into Business Central.

Main features

Sales and Job integration

Choose how you want to integrate each Jira project into Business Central. Either use the Job integration or Sales integration.

Bi-directional synchronization

Synchronize projects, issues, and much more from Jira to Business Central and vice versa.

Link your Business Central data with Jira

Link issue types, users, or issues to items, resources, or G/L accounts.

Process worklogs in seconds

Once setup batch process open worklogs in seconds and create sales documents or job journals.

Track budgets with Jobs

Use the job integration to track budgets in job planning lines.

Use custom Jira fields

Your custom fields will be synchronized as well, enabling you to use that information on documents etc.

Tempo Timesheets Support

If you use Tempo Timesheets in Jira, we got you covered.

100% Business Central based

No additional software or Jira Add-On required, just follow the installation wizard and that's it.

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