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Drag & Drop any file or document related to your business data - with user friendly direct previews

Save all your unstructered content like e.g. PDF, E-Mail, Power-Point Presentation or movies in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Everything in the right place - no search required.

But how? DocuTie links all unstructured content directly where needed in your work processes.

Would like to save unstructured content without being linked to a transaction? Simply create a wallet and organize your unstructured content there.

Best practice scenarios

  • Sales & Marketing: Associate any previous communication with your customer on a sales order. You will always have an overview of all stages of the sales process in your system.
  • Finance & Administration: Attach helpful information to your customers or vendors. Relate contracts or special agreements to the business contacts so you have them when you need them.
  • General: Build your digital wallet by gathering all relevant information. Get all unstructured content at a glance.

  • Why DocuTie?

  • Preview in thumbnails: Efficiently placed previews avoid unnecessary opening of files, therefore save valuable time.
  • DropZone: Drag & Drop into your Dynamics 365 Business Central to link any file with your business objects.
  • Searching becomes obsolete: DocuTie relates all files directly to the source data. You have them right where and when you need them.
  • DocuTie means being flexible: No matter what type of file you want to link to your business data, DocuTie will handle it for you.
  • Digital wallets: Easy access to all kinds of content gathered in a DocuTie wallet.
  • Storages: Internal as Business Central BLOB, AzureStorage (Blob or Files), Amazon S3

  • Who uses DocuTie?

    DocuTie provides simplicity for small and scalability for large businesses.

    Are there any requirements?

    Due to the architecture of DocuTie, you don't need anything besides your Dynamics 365 Business Central. You got that running? You are good to go!

    What does DocuTie cost?

    Features (for all plans):
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Link per Drag & Drop
  • Document preview
  • Unlimited Wallets

  • Commercial Plans (per productive Instance of Business Central):
    • Business: 100€ per month (no user limitation)
    • Freemium: for FREE (max. 5 active Business Central Users)


    • Test 30 days for FREE (no limitations)

    More information

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    Editions: Business Central Essential and Premium

    Countries: all available Business Central markets

    Languages: EN, DE 

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