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Noray Htl: Paymetns enables the integration of payment gateways at the hotel front desk

Noray Htl: Payments allows you to integrate payment gateways at the hotel front desk, providing your guests with a personalized payment experience. You can charge their hotel accounts directly, and you have two options: use an online payment gateway or connect a physical device directly.

Moreover, this extension will increase your staff's productivity by avoiding double-typing of amounts and manual errors, resulting in improved cash closing and reduced wait times for your guests. This will enable you to provide a more efficient and higher-quality service, improving your customers' satisfaction and your business's profitability.

Supported Editions: This app supports Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries: Spain.

Supported Languages: The app is available in Spanish (Spain) and English (United Kingdom).

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