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Continia OPplus offers an extended Payment Import and Export with an automated application

Save time by simplifying and accelerating your financial processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Manually processing incoming and outgoing payments is time-consuming and tedious at best. Typing out your bank statements and payment advices is inefficient and error-prone, making it challenging to adhere to compliance guidelines. With Continia OPplus, you increase the productivity of your entire financial department by minimizing manual work and easily keeping close track of all your liquidity-relevant data. Continia OPplus facilitates almost all of the most frequently performed tasks in financial accounting and frees up time for more exciting stuff in your business.

Payment import and export

Save time and avoid errors by importing your bank statements and payment advices directly into Business Central, no matter which format is provided. Your open entries are instantly reconciled during the import process, and you can have recurring payments automatically matched and applied using accounting rules. Generate payment proposals and outgoing payments or payment advices in one step, regardless of the direction of the payment, data format, or payment type. Continia OPplus covers the ISO payment type incl. SEPA. Individual payment types can be offered on request.

G/L open entries

Open entries on G/L accounts come in handy when you use intermediate accounts such as accrued income or prepaid expenses. It's also handy when you want to process payments based on G/L account entries. Familiar functions from accounts receivable and accounts payable, such as a key date-related open entries list, subsequent clearing, or partial reconciliation, are provided.

Extended fixed assets

Round your book values by automatically adjusting depreciation amounts, maintaining quantities on your fixed assets, partially retiring fixed assets, correcting acquisition costs, separating scrapping and sale, or using asset templates. Numerous additional facilitations you miss in standard Business Central will significantly ease your processes.

More Modules

For more information about our modules see Continia Docs

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Supported Editions:

This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain, France, Luxembourg, United States, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Malta, Ireland, Romania, Türkiye, Canada, Mexico, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Sweden

Supported Languages:

German (Germany), Dutch (Netherlands), English (United States), Spanish (Spain)

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