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Quality management in the process of certification for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


Quality standards management and certification software

The Hydra iT - Quality Process Certification application (Quality Management) is an additional complement to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which implements a set of functionalities for the management of Quality and internal processes of the organization.

This solution provides mechanisms to evaluate the efficiency of processes and products, ensures uniformity and conformity of procedures, and increases the effectiveness in identifying and solving non-conformities, providing continuous improvements in products, services and processes of each company.

Key Features

Quality Audits

o Creation of a structure that defines the different standards used in the company:

· the norm

· the requirements

· the Processes/Procedures

o Creation of annual audit plans, subject to approval, from which revisions can be generated

o Definition of the audit team, contact elements and audit areas

o Association of an activity plan to each audit

o When the audit ends, it is possible to associate Nonconformities and observations, which may lead to corrective or preventive actions wich are registered and dealt with in the Corrective/Preventive Actions module


o Register any non-conformity you have, no matter it’s origin

o Grouped and coded by year and sequence

o May lead to a correction (eg repair of a defective item and its subsequent use) and/or Corrective/Preventive Actions

o Automatically closed whenever your treatment action is complete and associated corrective/preventive actions are closed

Corrective/Preventive Actions

o Register any action needed to prevent or treat whatever problems you have

o Grouped and coded by year and sequence

o Source identification: Nonconformities, audit notes, complaints, other

o Registration of all data referring to the identification of the action (causes, description, origin, issue date) and the analysis of the request

Equipment Management

o Curative and preventive maintenance control tool

o Company information and cataloguing component - different types of equipment and respective technical characteristics

o Association of maintenance plans to each piece of equipment

o Record of interventions related to the equipment maintenance plan

o Record of equipment incidents

Customer Complaints

o Management of the entire process of registering customer complaints and subsequent treatment

o Collection of information about the complaint (description, item, lot, etc. …)

o Treatment and referral to the responsible person

o Monitoring of the entire process of complaint

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