Hydra iT - Utilities Localization Pack for Portugal

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Extends the Hydra iT - Utilities app and makes it compliant with laws and regulations for Portugal

HYDRA IT - UTILITIES Localization Pack for Portugal

This application extends the Hydra iT - Utilities and makes it compliant with local laws and regulations for Portugal, keeping all functionalities for management of contract cycle for the utilities market, in particular:
Requirements and dependencies: install from AppSource the Hydra iT - Utilities and also the required Softstore packs.

Contract management
  • Customized customer card for energy related features
  • Energy contract management including features for dual contracts with multi market supply as electricity and natural gas
  • Full compliance with the Regulatory Entities contracting processes
  • Fully integrated webservices with the Supplier Switching Logistics Operator (OLMC)
  • Fully integrated webservices with the Distribution Network Operators (ORDs)
  • Dashboards for greater control and management of eSwitching messaging between energy market agents

Invoicing processing
  • Import readings, consumptions and load charge curves, all inputs necessary for invoicing energy customers
  • Import indexed market prices, consumption and losses profiles from excel workbooks
  • Full compliance with the energy invoicing calculation rules, regulations and particular specifications
  • Massive or individual invoicing
  • Massive Invoicing managed daily with the assistance of preconfigured billing processes that gather multiple contracts
  • Printing and Finishing management for invoices, warnings and other documents sent to customers

Collections and receipts
  • Invoicing and document printing according to customer’s payment methods
  • Customized cash receipt page for manual collections
  • Payment agreements capability and management
  • Issue and manage Debt and Cut warnings
  • Generate, send and process SEPA remittances
  • Process SIBS/ATM remittances
  • Process CTT remittances
  • Manage collections anomalies and customer ledger account balance

Consumption forecasts
  • Calculate consumption estimates for use on missing readings/consumptions invoicing periods
  • Special feature for forecasting all consumption locals portfolio based on all historical data present
  • Individual forecast tunning by supply delivery point using multiple forecast methods like homologous periods, specific day, previous day/week/year
  • Forecast export to excel

  • Regulatory reporting from Entities and tax authorities
  • Power BI “ready” with dedicated and predesigned “out of the box” webservices (learn more here)

Web Portals (learn more here)
  • Webservices for integrating an end Customer web portal with features like contract data management, readings communications, invoice check and download
  • All previous mentioned customer webservices are included on the webservices for integration with Agents web porta adding features like contracting processes, manage agent customers portfolio, and commissions

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