Purchase Requisition Automation

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Purchase Requisition and Procurement Automation with Business Central

The Purchase Requisition automation for business central is a robust and intuitive application designed to streamline and enhance the procurement process within organization. purchase requisition automation offers wide range of functionality including requisition creation, approval, vendor comparison, request for quote generation and order processing.
This application empowers users to efficiently create, manage, and track purchase requisitions, ensuring a seamless workflow from request initiation to approval and procurement.


Users need to enter only minimal data during creation of Purchase Requisition, which saves time.

Purchase Requisitions can be filtered for users. So only the related Purchase Requisitions are shown for each user.

Multiple level Approval can be set for each user for Purchase Requisition Approval.

Ability to Approve, Reject or Return the Approval request for purchase requisition.

Purchase Manager can be set in the User Setup level, who can have the control over converting Purchase Requisition into Purchase Order.

Consolidation of multiple approved purchase requisition into single purchase requisition and send to request for quote (RFQ).

You can get vendor list from the historical purchase transaction.

You can send request for quote (RFQ) to multiple vendors.

Track purchase requisition status as Open, Released, Partially purchased, Order complete and Force close.

On receipt of vendor quote from multiple vendors system can compare vendor quotes and suggest the best quote.

Create purchase order from released purchase requisition.

Navigate to related documents from purchase requisition.

Purchase requisition allows partial and full quantity purchase order creation from selected requisition line Item.

Purchase requisition allows splitting of the requisition quantity for the selected line, so that buyer can order from multiple vendors for the same item.

System keeps track of all the Purchase Orders created from the Purchase Requisition.

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