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Factory Data Capture that works with the Cosmo Consult Advanced Manufacturing pack.

Softera.FDC (Factory Data Capture) simplifies the material and operation posting on production orders by collecting actual data from shop floor. Companies can benefit from a clearer view of the current situation on the shop floor, such as real-time consumption. It helps to track precise inventory and production progress and the employee time spent on machines.

Enjoy the benefits of Softera.FDC with Cosmo Consult:

  • Timely. Write-off components where they are consumed. Have real-time inventory level and actual production execution status. Avoid paperwork and the delay caused by entering data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Save time on accounting which allows to focus on other tasks
  • Simple. Easy to understand - uses only the information that is required. That allows for faster education of new employees and minimizes human errors
  • Reliable. The collected information is reliable, which helps middle-level managers make the right decisions and allows for the evaluation of projects or production orders

The solution allows to:

  • Post production operations by using work packages
  • Post consumption on production orders without using journals
  • Post routing operations on production orders without using output journals
  • Postpone posting by letting the responsible person on the shop floor to review, correct entries and post them later
  • Work in several manufacturing locations and track the time spent by employees in each of them
  • Automatically close employee active sessions based on the shop floor shift times

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Supported editions: This app supports Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries: Canada, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom.

Supported languages: English and Lithuanian.

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