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The best possible extension for all rental processes

TRASER Rental 365 – the best possible support for all rental processes

Having been tailored to meet the needs of all the stages of a rental process, TRASER Rental 365 ensures that all processes are carried out smoothly and are kept small and simple.

TRASER Rental 365 provides you with optimal support when it comes to creating rental quotes and contracts and the management of delivery and return processes. Additionally, it greatly simplifies the entire invoicing process thanks to the integration with financial management. In your daily business, you will also benefit from practical features that have been tailored to the specific requirements of every rental process.

Core Functions

    • Quote and contract management
    • Rent classes and rent packages
    • Renting and scheduling of items, service items and resources
    • Well-structured planning boards and availability overviews
    • Default price and discount lists
    • Customer-specific price and discount conditions
    • Integrated sales processing
    • Manage damages within the process of rental deliveries and returns
    • Handling of deposits
    • Default printouts for rental documents
    • Processing of incoming rental contracts in case of renting from a third-party lessor


    • Renting and scheduling of Service Items (Machines), Items & Resources
    • Management of Rent Classes & Rent Packages
    • Set up of Workflows for Rental Processes
    • Extended pricing with graduated prices & percentage rental rates
    • Accounting of additional Contract Items (e.g. transport, cleaning, etc.)
    • Processing of variable revenues (e.g. gas prices)
    • Accounting according to consumption types & wear and tear
    • Definition of minimum Rental Periods
    • Quote & Contract Management incl. additional Contracts
    • Rental Deposit Management
    • Filtering according to Service Items Attributes & Rent Class Attributes
    • Disposition Overview NEW: incl. TRASER Rentboard!
    • Protocols for delivery & return incl. checklists, pictures & signatures
    • Automatic E-Mail dispatch of documents
    • Rent Breaks
    • Invoicing based on Invoice Plans
    • Free design of layouts for Rental Quotes & Rental Contracts
    • Rental Location Management for simplified processing of Rental Items
    • Evaluations of utilization & profitability

Rental Purchase

    • Linking of rental contracts with Rental Purchase Requests from partners
    • Rental Purchase Contract Management
    • Processing of Rental Purchase Objects that are to be rented out to other customers
    • Transport instructions for Rental Purchase Partners
    • Cost/Revenue Overview for Rental Purchases and Rental Contracts

TRASER Software solutions are developed in cooperation with the users and will be updated continuously.

Note: TRASER Rental 365 requires a BC Premium license.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Premium Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

This app supports all countries where Business Central is available

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States) and German (Germany).

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