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The all-in-one-company solution for property management, collections, utilities, and so much more

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your property management needs? Where everything is managed, collected and adjusted from one company, even though all your properties may be registered to separate companies? Coupled with all the best financial, sales and purchase activities and reporting from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Then look no further!

Dynamics Property has a strong emphasis on the value chain of property management which results in a versatile and efficient solution for any property managers. It supports all the many activities through any property’s life cycle i.e., from acquiring a property, to the rent phase and selling the property.

The company management module makes it easy to manage properties, contracts, utilities, and so much more, from a huge number of companies in one single company, making it simple to list and carry out the daily tasks: Collect and adjust rent, utilities and other collectables in batch processes for any number of properties at one single location; Use checklists to secure compliance with company procedures and guide users in their work; Add attributes to master data to record all necessary and complementary data in free form or by posting. Many more features and activities are accessible e.g., utility and distribution settlements, late notices, reporting, payment integrations, tenant communication etc.

Dynamics Property makes good use of all the great functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central and is well integrated with sales posting and financial reporting.

Key features and benefits of using the app

  • Master data are structured in a hierarchy with the client, i.e. property owners, on top, then the properties, the tenancies, and then tenants – resulting in a clear overview!
  • Vacancies are automatically tracked by the system.
  • Company Management secures processes are consolidated and easy to manage, even when properties are placed inside their own registered companies.
  • Visualize upcoming tenant movements and vacancies to minimize related costs.
  • Minimize errors by aligning charges in sets to be assigned to multiple tenancies or tenants.
  • Simplify re-letting of tenancies and discounts on tenants with individual charge placements.
  • Form installments ahead of time to visualize account movements in a collection plan.
  • Collections of rent, utilities and other charges from tenants can be handled ahead of time in structured batches across huge portfolios of tenancies – and with four-eye approvals if needed!
  • Adjustments can be made, simulated, and posted in batches, ahead of when they are to be applied to the collection plan.
  • Attributes act like user-created fields and function across the hierarchy. Attributes make missing to register master data history. Attributes can also be utilized in calculations of adjustment methods and KPIs e.g., occupancy percentages, vacancy days etc.
  • Checklists make it possible for the property managers to keep track of the business process and ensure compliance. Team leaders can monitor the team members checklists and be proactive if it seems that a team member is missing a deadline.
  • Support for the Danish payment solution Nets Total.
  • Support for mandatory fees. This is especially used in Danish rent legislation!
  • Handle the utility settlements and data exchanges with utility partners.
  • Create distribution settlements with visualization of the underlying calculations.
  • Compile advanced compositions of charges in multiple components for handling advanced or split adjustments e.g., when rent consist of a budgeted rent part + a tax part.
  • Collect back taxes from adjustments applied to property taxes.
  • Notify tenants of missing payments through late notices designed for different processes depending on tenancy types. Commercial rentals can have a late notice process which differs from residential rentals or more.
  • Communicate with tenants by sending emails directly from the system. A library of different word templates can be assigned to a property and invoked at the tenant level to make communication fast and consistent though mail-merge.
  • Support PropCo arrangements in complex organizational arrangements.
  • Use advanced build-in reports to make the alignment of transactional tenancy data and G/L entries intuitive.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

This app is only supported in Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in Danish (Denmark) and English (United States).

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