Dynamicon Advanced Integration

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Easy and fast Integration for Dynamics 365 on the basis of many years of experience.

Integration as strategic goal

Integration solutions Future-proof integration are a strategic goal in IT and one of the most important components in the business world of tomorrow. 
In our solution Dynamicon Advanced Integration many years of experience for on-premise, cloud or hybrid scenarios, are included for your decisive competitive advantage. In cooperation in projects with the Microsoft Product Group and Premier Field Engineers, we create future-proof solutions for our customers. We have successfully implemented and rolled out several hundred integration scenarios for our customers. 


With the following advantages of Dynamicon Advanced Integration you can achieve a faster and more secure interface implementation in your Dynamics 365 project:

    • secure Investment through the use of Dynamics 365 integration standard functions such as many hundreds of entities from Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 SCM and Dynamics 365 Commerce 
    • proven and tested features (over many hundred Dynamics 365 interfaces) 
    • Industry-independent functionalities for seamless interface operation  
    • high performance for integrations with mass data 
    • faster implementation times for integration scenarios Dynamicon Advanced Integration – Features 
    • AddOn for existing Dynamics 365 functionality / no changes in basic processing logic / investment security for new standard functionalities 
    • Monitoring options for existing D365 integration functionality - Custom Services, Business Events, Batch Data API and OData 
    • improved troubleshooting through extended interface tracking functionality 
    • easier integration development with interface-patterns and XSD-Schemas for Entities
    • improved integration for Logic Apps and any middleware with Dynamics 365 
    • simplifing the process for a copy of Prod to Dev or test systems with active Dynamics 365 interfaces 
    • possibility for importing / processing mass data 
    • generic logic for sending delta records (even with complex data structures) 
    • no overlap with functional industry solutions and therefore no merge effort in use with other app source solutions

Example Integration Scenarios

The following integration scenarios are examples for real world scenarios with Dynamicon Advanced Integration:

    • Integration of third party POS transactions and master data
    • Integration of one ore more Logistic systems with Dynamics 365
    • WebShop Integration
    • Import or Export product master data to or from a Product Information System
    • etc.

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