ESYON Amazon Marketplace Connector for D365 FSCM

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Maximize your Amazon marketplace potential with D365 and the ESYON Marketplace Connector

Scale, Automate, and Control your Amazon Business in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector.

Seamlessly integrate your data from Amazon Seller Central into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM to eliminate manual processing and have all your financial data in one place.

Control all processes of your Amazon Marketplace directly from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Managing your Amazon business has never felt easier!

View, manage, control your Amazon business directly in Dynamics – for all marketplaces – worldwide -

Good reasons for the Amazon Marketplace Connector:

    • Saves you time and money by automating processes, so you can scale and grow your Amazon business
    • Allows you to manage all your financial accounting in Dynamics 365 – no need to learn new processes!
    • Offers your customers the best buying experience because orders are processed quickly and error-free
    • Works without error-prone middleware

Our Connector supports FBA and FBM, and is based on best practice Integration.

Some features of the ESYON Amazon Marketplace Connector

    • Automates order import and creation
    • Automates return order management
    • Maps all costs and fees into the general ledger
    • Updates Inventory in real time
    • Manages the sales tax / VAT between AMAZON and Dynamics 365
    • Offers a clear overview on Settlements by Amazon

System requirements:
Amazon Marketplace Connector is not a stand-alone solution.
It is a powerful add-on solution explicitly made to use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, and can also be made compatible with the previous version Dynamics AX 2012.

To find out more and schedule a demo, visit our website – Amazon Marketplace Connector: Integration for D365 - ESYON GmbH or contact us at or +1 818 691 0643

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