Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for ELO

durch Inway Systems GMBH

Connect your ELO document management system with your D365 F&O

Nowadays, the ever-increasing data flood in the form of documents means that many employees (from clerk over department head to the management) spend a large part of their time searching for documents, data and information. This affects effectiveness, quality and last but not least employee satisfaction.

Even when using DMS solutions, e.g. ELO, and digital archives you often come across a lot of uncontrolled proliferation. Documents are manually indexed and stored in ELO, and there is no link between ELO and the ERP. This is where the Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for ELO from Inway Systems comes to rescue. The interface between ELO and Microsoft’s ERP system automates and standardizes the entire storage and archiving process - 100% error-free.

You automate your filing process

Indexing and good tagging are important to find documents quickly within the ELO archive. This meta-information can be attached to every document in ELO. With the Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for ELO, you can automate this process. Outgoing documents are indexed automatically by your Microsoft ERP system and archived in ELO in a structured manner. Incoming documents are linked via barcodes with the corresponding posting process in your Microsoft ERP system. So you can view all documents without leaving the ERP. This is also possible with external documents that were not created in the

Automation of invoice imports

Previously, incoming invoices had to be created manually in Microsoft Dynamics before they could be posted and archived. Today, this also works the other way: You simply store the invoices in the ELO-DMS and let it extract the necessary invoice information. From here, all relevant invoice data is then imported directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplifying and automating this process saves you a lot of time and money every day.

How you benefit:

  • The automation of daily processes saves you time and money
  • You have an intelligent solution that adapts to your needs and grows with your requirements
  • You avoid mistakes because filing, archiving and tagging is automated
  • Your archive is audit-proof, according to the principles of proper accounting and principles for data access and verifi ability of digital documents
  • You view documents anywhere in the system

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