Public Purchasing Plan


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AlfaPeople Andino S.A.S- Purchasing Plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation.

Taking into account the diversity of legal requirements for the management of information of public sector entities in Colombia, its planning and control AlfaPeople Andino S.A, develops the Purchase Plan module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that allows to manage, project and control in different periods the needs of the different goods and services such as inventories, supplies, fixed assets (investments) and necessary services for the operation of the entities, for their correct functioning depends on the module of Public Budget and Projects and Contracts, with which their processes are integrated and complemented, affecting the hiring and the planning and execution of the public budget. It allows the management of reports to the control entities and is the basis for the preparation of the budget of the Colombian public sector.

There are different rules that relate to the procurement plan or annual procurement plan, however, the Guide to prepare the Annual Procurement Plan defines "The Annual Procurement Plan (Purchase Plan) as a tool to facilitate the state entities of Colombia to identify, register, schedule and disclose their needs for goods, works and services and design contracting strategies based on aggregation of demand that allow increasing the efficiency of the contracting process.


- Creation of purchasing plan
- Validation and registration
- Addition of purchasing plan
- Transfer of purchasing plan
- Purchasing plan modifications
- Modification consultations of purchasing plan
- Verification of balances of purchase plan
- Version creation

It allows to manage the purchase plan of each validity and helps the planning of the different areas and in different validities according to the association of the contracts.

It allows the control of committed values from budget and contracts, as well as the value executed validating that the planned and committed values in the purchasing plan are not exceeded.

Help for the preparation of reports for entities such as the comptroller's office, and is a vital tool for crossing the budget module for an adequate control of resources.

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