Bank Facility Management

durch Dynamic Netsoft

The complete solution for managing all types of debts for medium and large corporations.

Bank facilities management solution is for organizing and maintaining all bank facilities of organizations looking to automate and easily manage their loans, deposits, loans to subsidiaries, etc.

Organizations when expanding their operations across the globe, their intense capital needs are addressed by bank facilities. It provides a robust solution which helps organizations easily manage their bank facilities which developed on top of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Bank facilities management helps to manage the following areas:

  • Bank Facilities Contract
  • Maintaining contract with contract values and other terms & conditions
  • Supports short-term, long-term loans with various settlement type like single payment, fixed loan, periodic instalments, short full settle loan, etc
  • Managing Loan disbursements, Instalments, payments
  • Managing bank deposits with all transactions related interest accruals, maturity, etc
  • Leverages the organizations to manage the loans to their Business units or subsidiaries
  • Tracking the Management fees related all bank facilities
  • Seamless integration with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash & bank management and General Ledger
  • Also supports various functions like Merger of multiple loans, splitting of loans, ad-hoc or partial payment, interest rate updates, etc

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