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Robust solution to manage Investments and Portfolios

Robust solution to manage Investments and Portfolios

Investment & Portfolio Management on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps to automate the new investments, either with or without investing partners. When the investment managers are stretching their capacities to the maximum in order to meet the growing market demands, a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with Investment management solution is vital for business. It helps Investment managers to optimize investment decisions and capture growth.

Our Investment & Portfolio Management provides automated and integrated Investment & Portfolio management functions so you can reduce manual processes, lower costs and mitigate risk. Additionally, it helps to break down silos across your firm since data flows real-time between the front and back office. With our Investment & Portfolio Management, you can create accurate and timely reports for the investors, regulators or any other stakeholders and free up time so your team members can prioritize alpha generating activities.

Investment & Portfolio Management extends the standard functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Operations to provide top-notch ERP capabilities across industry - investors, investment managers, investment brokers and streamline your investment portfolio management.


  • Full investor value chain and instruments coverage across your portfolio
  • Improved analytics to support your investment decisions
  • Meet regulation and financial reporting objectives
  • Highlighted features:

  • Investment Classification – Types, sectors, markets, etc
  • Portfolio definition with details of Portfolio Strategy and partner details
  • Investment masters
  • Investment transactions – Buy, Sell, Revalue, transfer, etc
  • Investment Risk Management & Analysis
  • Trace Investment Expenses
  • Market value entry / upload / Integration
  • Seamless integration with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Modules
  • Detailed Audit Trails of Investment Activity
  • Real-time market update with NASDAQ, NSE etc.
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