eftsure inside Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


Payment fraud protection, electronic supplier onboarding and compliance solution

eftsure is a service for CEOs and CFOs that protects against fraud and errors when payments are made

Cyber-crime targeted at businesses is fueled by a perfect storm of e-mail usage, social engineering and gaps in payment systems.

The result is that businesses might not be paying who they think they’re paying.

Our solution seamlessly integrates into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to validate EFT payments before issuing them to your bank.

Banks don't match Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers: This means your organisation could be living with a high level of fraud and error risk from incorrect payment details.
For example: if you authorise a payment of $5500 to ABC Traders PTY LTD but the BSB and Account Number is for an account that does not belong to ABC Traders, the funds will go to the wrong account even though the name displayed on your online banking is correct.

With eftsure you don’t have to live with that risk! In the new digital world, eftsure assists forward-thinking companies in maintaining watertight payment systems.

Our solution provides a simple and powerful end to end flow:

  • Send a vendor invitation directly from your ERP to the vendor,
  • Vendor will receive an invitation and provide their contact details and bank account information into the eftsure portal,
  • Vendor details will be cross-matched against our business social database or verified by our verification team,
  • Vendor will be created into your vendor master file, avoiding unnecessary data entry and saving from employee mistakes,
  • Vendor payments will be validated before issuing payments.

Know Your Payee enables payment protection and safe vendor onboarding.

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