enHanced Pricing Management

durch enVista Enterprise Solutions, LLC (EES) - MBS

This solution introduces a cost-plus pricing model in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

enHanced Pricing Management (EPM) upgrades the standard trade agreement functionality to allow markups, pricing expirations, customer contracts, and mass cost uploads. Utilizing this additional functionality, pricing administrators have more control over the sales price to the customer as well as the margins to the business.

Benefits of Using EPM

  • Increased long-term revenue by maintaining margins
  • Increased efficiency with mass cost and price maintenance
  • Greater control and flexibility in how prices are defined and controlled


Pricing Control

  • Control prices with varying levels of granularity, by:
    • Customers
    • Price groups
    • Items
    • Categories
    • Inventory dimensions
  • Prices can be locked to prevent users from overriding the price on a sales order or quotation
  • Trade agreement matching is controlled by advanced hierarchy and sorting rules
  • The posting process can also expire sales prices currently active in the system

Margin Maintenance

  • The price update batch job can be scheduled to monitor purchase prices and update affected selling prices based on the price rules
  • The Margin Calculator can be used to simulate sales prices based on desired margins or markups
  • Margins can be ignored completely and specific selling prices defined for items as desired

Cost and Purchase Price Management

  • Costs can be set up with multiple tiers that stack
  • Import purchase price trade agreements via the Data Management Framework and trigger generation of expiration journals that expire previously active purchase price trade agreements matching criteria from the new journal

This product provides a trial license of 30 days and utilizes an Azure hosted web service for license tracking. This allows you to try it out with your own data.

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