Modern Distribution Platform for Dynamics 365

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Transform your supply chain to digital supply chain using Sonata's Modern Distribution Platform

For CPG and wholesale distributors it is a very critical component to streamline their distribution. It is also expected to have real time visibility in this digital age. Thus, distributors need to adopt an Enterprise Digital Platform that can transform their distribution system.

Supply chain visibility is important in order to make better production planning and optimize demand vs. supply.

Modern Distribution is integrated enterprise digital platform for end to end supply chain that enables unified operations across the traditional and digital supply chain, increasing revenues, cross-sell and upsell, faster time to market, provide deep supply chain insights across the channels and widen market reach. It transforms your entire supply chain to a digital-ready modern supply chain seamlessly connecting your distribution channels and B2B customers under one platform to engage and collaborate digitally.

Components of Modern Distribution:

Advanced Supply Chain: Built atop Dynamics 365, the Advanced Supply Chain module helps organizations depict & plan business processes accurately, thereby increasing supply chain velocity, avoiding stock outs, and optimizing overall profitability.

B2B E-Commerce: Relying on a solid open source stack, this module widens market reach using the Internet. The system extends the ERP to the customers for hassle-free order placement and real-time tracking, with paperless operations. IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY In global customer consignment inventory management SINGLE VERSION Of truth for all its employees

Smart Field Operations is the final component, with which B2B companies can improve their field sales efficiency through route planning, truck inventory management and paperless smart delivery with POD captured through our mobile app. The field force thus stays connected with the back office and accesses inventory in real-time while taking orders and up-selling or cross-selling with promotional products.

It benefits an organization in Increasing revenue thru multi-channel of operations, Increase of the online channel, Upsell cross-sell entries, Deep insights in finished goods supply chain, Improvement in time to market, single view of inventory across channels, protect and improve your channel loyalty, Customer 360, integrated distribution channel management It comes with Advance Supply Chain functions, B2B eCommerce portal for a Digital Customer Collaboration, Smart Delivery mobile app for the field force used for Direct Store Delivery or Van Sales and Advanced Supply Chain analytics that gives deeper supply chain insights. Born digital, uses all the latest technologies like IOT, Azure machine learning etc.

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