durch Sycor

Smart automatic master data distribution across multiple companies / legal entities

Sycor.MasterDataSync is a solution that solves many typical issues in master data distribution across companies. When you manage your master data in a particular master data company (MDO) then Sycor.MasterDataSync can automatically distribute that data to a number of receiving legal entities.

The benefits are the bigger, the more data and changes you have, the more receiving parties you have, or the more subtle differences are needed. For example, a big number of items and big number of companies are strong indicators that good master data distribution is hard to maintain with standard means.

Overview of the functions

  • One master company -> multiple tier companies
  • Central configuration and management
  • Automated, change-triggered data distribution
  • Configuration options per field - for updates, defaults or value transformations
  • Distribution of data subsets
  • Allows company specific data variations
  • Integrated in Data Management Framework (DMF)
  • Enriching Data Entity concepts
  • Editing protection in target companies
  • Easy monitoring and logging
  • Integrates nicely with D365 workflows
  • Integrates nicely with external systems

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