Arango User Manager

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Arango User Manager is a powerful easy to use access and identity management tool for Dynamics 365

Arango User Manager is a powerful access and identity management tool for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps. User manager automates the manual work creating users, assigning security roles and maintaining user access. Arango User Manager provides traceability of all actions regarding user access and complete overview of user access for compliance purpose. When employees change roles within companies it requires changes in security roles or moving between teams and business units. Companies change the organizational structure which often requires a totally new structure in Dynamics 365. All these changes require manual task to be performed by system administrators that the User Manager automates and simplifies.

Arango User Manager connects the Dynamics 365 and Azure AD environments for transparent access management.
Add users to pre-defined Access Groups, view user information in one place and manage access from Azure AD:
  • Automatically create users based on Azure AD Groups
  • Automate security role assignment
  • Automatically add users to Business Units
  • Automatically add users to Teams
  • Automatically add Teams and Roles to users
  • Automatically add access to shared charts and dashboards

Benefits of using this application:

  • Increased efficiency in user management
  • Minimize error in user management
  • Overview of User Templates/Users/ Teams & Business Units for Compliance purpose

How to experience:
Please contact us by e-mail: for information regarding how to experience the offering as well as pricing and licensing terms.

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