Safety Suite

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Modern Business | Safety Suite helps your business to automate your safety processes.

ModernBusiness Safety Suite:
Enhance and automate your business's safety processes with our comprehensive safety applications. Expand your reach and impact by transitioning from manual safety procedures to actionable insights. The ModernBusiness Safety Suite offers seamless integration across devices, including Microsoft Teams.

ModernBusiness Task Assessment (Phone Layout)
- Simplified Safety Process: The “take5” approach to safety is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in boosting safety awareness.

ModernBusiness Inspection (Phone Layout)
- Asset Management: Create and maintain a list of “Assets” for inspection, including unconventional ones like rental vehicles.
- Location Services: Geo-locate inspection sites.
- Asset Health Monitoring: Keep track of each inspected Asset's condition.
- Defect Alerts: Receive timely alerts for defects to ensure immediate corrective actions.

ModernBusiness Job Assessment (Tablet Layout)
- Procedural Integration: Incorporates your existing procedures, ensuring teams have essential information for assessing job risks.
- Team Engagement: Facilitates risk assessment with a simple, easy-to-follow approach.
- Hazard Control: Ensures proper hazard mitigation.
- Continuous Improvement: Identifies opportunities to enhance procedures through insights from Job Assessments.

ModernBusiness Incident Report (Phone Layout)
- Timely Reporting: Enables prompt information collection.
- User-Friendly Forms: Ensures accurate reporting.
- Notification System: Sends incident notifications to the relevant parties.
- Comprehensive Approach: Collects detailed information about incidents, allowing for comments on incident potential and implemented control measures.

ModernBusiness Safety Observation (Phone Layout)
- Leadership Feedback: Allows leaders to give feedback on key safety behaviors.
- Timely Communication: Enables quick feedback to observed personnel.
- Continuous Improvement Support: Assists organizations in demonstrating ongoing safety system enhancements.

ModernBusiness Risk Assessment (Tablet Layout)
- Centralized Management: Keeps all risk assessments in one place for easy reference and review.
- Structured Assessment: Offers an easy-to-follow assessment and review process.
- Action Tracking: Keeps your risk program up to date by tracking controls and further actions.

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