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Project Management for Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use project management solution.

Crowe Project Management is an easy-to-use Dynamics 365 add-on that allows you to define and manage projects, associate project tasks for real-time collaboration, and achieve greater team visibility.

Crowe Project Management can help you define milestones that allow you to measure actual versus estimated time and costs, helping to keep your project on schedule and under budget.

What to Expect from Crowe Project Management:

  • Workflow automation of routine project task assignments, alerts, and status changes
  • Associated relationships of project tasks against milestones for better resource and scope visibility
  • Real-time project dashboards showing actual versus estimated time and costs
  • End-to-end project management for any professional services firm
  • Accurate timekeeping at the resource, project, milestone, and project task levels
  • Project templates allowing for quick and easy project setup and consistency across each project

See the Crowe Project Management Trial Setup document for additional configuration steps and options once installed.

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