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Ejada CRM Government Solution

Ejada CRM Government Solution

Transformation to a modern Customer Relationship Management System and leading CRM Platform for better customer service.

Implementation of Customer 360 view, enabled the access of demographics, products and transactions from one place.

Customer Relationship Management System, a comprehensive view of customer data in connection with internal systems.

Providing notifications to the customer through electronic link (integration) with the SMS and e-mail portals.

Automatically directing the customer's request according to its classification to the competent authority, the CRM system includes an engine to automatically determine the importance of the request based on several variables.

The system enables sales management to build strong relationships with their customers, take action based on insights, and close opportunities faster. The system is used to track the history of opportunities for a customer and their contacts, and to boost sales from a prospect or existing customer.

The Basic Characteristics of the System

Manage case by defining the work flow for different types of case

1. Complaint

2. Inquiry

3. Service Request

4. Technical problem

5. Suggestion

Integration with the telephone system (IVR) to automatically review the customer's connected data, if available

The Notification Engine to alert system users in the event of a change in the status of a request or an escalation by e-mail

The ability to use the Notification Engine to communicate with the customer via SMS or e-mail

The possibility of reviewing operations reports (Operational Report) to follow up on requests on the system


With the CRM system as a single system that is used to implement all stages of raising and resolving requests, the service time provided to the customer will be shortened by avoiding the use of more than one system to serve the different stages of the request, which leads to the possibility of data differences between different systems.

Speed and ease of access to information and improve the level of service for customers

Availability and arrangement of information

With EJADA’s cross industry & cross technology CRM extensive experience and MS Dynamics capabilities, we at EJADA’s CRM development offices, offers a tailored solutions with MS Dynamics for key player clients in different industries to ensure maximum efficient performance for increasing productivity and better customer service.

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