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Omnipresence - Customer Engagement Transformation for Life Sciences

Omnipresence is a customer engagement transformation platform for the life sciences industry designed to move the industry to hyper performing customer engagement by bringing together the power of Microsoft capabilities in Dynamics, LinkedIn, Azure, and Office, while verticalizing them with the necessary compliance needs and business processes specific to life sciences.

Omnipresence drives transformation by enabling Sales, MSLs, KAMs  with digital tools to help them engage with their customers more effectively and by creating completely new omnichannel experiences for customers. Most importantly, Omnipresence embeds advanced capabilities directly into the platform in order to better understand each individual customer deeply and then deliver unmatched personalized experiences.

Omnipresence is Customized for Life Sciences and Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

A flexible, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform that is scalable, globally available and secure, Omnipresence aims to advance sales and marketing capabilities that have merely been digitized to a transformational infrastructure that can truly impact the business model of the future.

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