Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

durch Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Bring your LinkedIn leads into Dynamics 365 (online)

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allows you to automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn using Sponsored Content with Dynamics 365 (online). Enable your sales and marketing teams to develop and nurture these leads.

  • Support for multiple LinkedIn member accounts: Sync leads from campaigns run by multiple employees using different LinkedIn member profiles.
  • Customizable lead creation and matching: Configure how lead submissions captured on LinkedIn are handled in Dynamics 365 (online) with matching strategies and field mappings.
  • Analyze lead performance across sources: Track and analyze the performance of leads captured on LinkedIn and compare it to sources.

You benefit from this connector when you use Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, or Dynamic Ads that support LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.

Release compatibility: This solution is released as for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, version 9.x and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) 2016, version 8.2.x. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the capabilities are installed by default.

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