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Conceived in Power Apps, ServiceTeam ITAM optimizes & simplifies your asset management initiatives.

A Microsoft-Centric IT Asset Management Solution

ServiceTeam ITAM lets you leverage Power Apps and Dynamics 365 environments to proactively plan and manage IT hardware and software assets cost-effectively. Get insight into both active and inactive assets to support effective onboarding and offboarding, crisis management, security risks, financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. By having visibility and control of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle—from request to disposal—you’ll optimize asset use, reduce costs and guarantee your enterprise gets the full value of its technology investments. Contact us for a Free Trial or Demo.

Key Benefits:

Minimize Risk and Gain Control of Your IT Assets

  • Stay on top of hardware and software inventory, contracts, and licenses.
  • Manage your assets, relate to discovered assets, utilize accurate data, manage inventories, assign assets, and standardize lifecycle management.

Achieve Better Analysis and Cost Savings
  • Gain a clearer picture of the type, number and lifecycle of assets already deployed and in your inventory.
  • Be guided through the stages of the asset lifecycle, ensuring accuracy and cost-effective decision making.

Support Better Security and Data Protection
  • Manage risk and provide better security and data protection by having visibility into the who, what and where of hardware and software assets.
  • Dispose of assets and confidently comply with policies .

Restore Productivity Faster and Facilitate Asset Requests
  • Know what people have, your inventory, and understand your obligations to get people connected, or back up and running.
  • Find asset information quickly, letting you easily and cost-effectively fulfil asset requests, and restore productivity faster.

Gain Shareable, Real-Time Analytics
  • Leverage familiar Microsoft tools, such as Office 365 and Power BI, to allow stakeholders and asset managers to share and collaborate with up-to-the-moment data.
  • Increase productivity, support collaboration and empower internal teams to contribute and use asset data, letting you make smart, informed decisions faster.

ITSM and ITAM Work Better Together

  • ServiceTeam ITAM is designed to work seamlessly with Provance ServiceTeam ITSM for maximum benefits.
  • Put asset information at the fingertips of service personnel to achieve better, more efficient and cost-effective service delivery.
  • Put information about requests and problems in the hands of asset personnel for better decision-making.

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