VeriTouch Financial Transactions on Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

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Empowering bank tellers, sellers and advisors to efficiently execute financial transactions

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services integrates cloud services across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform underpinned by an industry data model, with new capabilities and customizations unique to the financial services industry.

VeriPark has created offerings on top of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to provide additional insight into the customer’s relationship with the bank to drive proactive actions in different areas from cross-selling to servicing to compliance.

Financial Transactions App is an extension to Unified Customer Profile (UCP). While UCP provides a consolidated view of the customer’s relationship with the bank, the Transactions app provides the ability to perform banking transactions requested by the customer within the same view.

Bank users can pay bills, make payments, transfer funds, enable subscriptions and perform many other transactions on behalf of the customer, all within the same app and without the need to navigate to another system or application.

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