Wipro Utilities Customer Experience (UCX)

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A preconfigured Dynamics 365 solution which allows Utilities to immediately engage with customers.

Business Problem:
Today, energy companies have moved away from being asset or meter centric to customer centric. It is very important for energy companies to know their customers, their lifestyle choices, preferred method of communication and channel of choice.

There are several solutions that cater to these needs, yet there is not a single solution which satisfies all expectations. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform offers seamless integration with Microsoft’s suite of products such as email, chat, and document management, all allows users to easily navigate from their mailbox to perform various tasks.

Additionally, energy companies needs include:

  1. Actively engaging with prospective customers to sell energy services
  2. Quickly obtaining a single view of the customer or site/property where services are to be delivered
  3. Intuitively accessing a complete inventory of information about the customer (e.g. meter reads, bills, service orders, complaints, outages, past interactions and communications, etc.)
  4. Effectively managing the services via multiple channels including calls, email, WhatsApp, chat etc.

Our Solution: Utilities Customer Experience (UCX) is a preconfigured solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 which allows utilities to immediately engage with customers. Key features are:

  1. A set of pre-defined utilities data models and objects for customers across billing account and property information
  2. A 360-degree view of the customer by fetching information about meter reads, bills etc.
  3. The ability for users to track the customer lifecycle through all the stages - prospect, lead, opportunity, and order management
  4. The ability to create and track cases, complaints and service/field orders.
  5. Functionality to gather feedback through customer surveys.

Wipro's Differentiator:

  1. Aggregated information across the customer and property – including property address, access and hazard details, service orders, meter reads, outages, previous bills and communications
  2. Enhanced customer experience with the ability to support multiple communication channels including call, email, social media and web.
  3. Visibility of the entire customer journey from customer acquisition to account closure, including pipeline analysis by stage.
  4. Improved SLA metrics with case and jeopardy management. The ability to improve over time and add new requirements through the use of utilities data modelling.

Solution benefits: Our solution can fuel powerful engagement with customers, resulting in a working solution for contact center. Solution will drive following business KPIs:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction
  2. Adherence to regulatory requirements
  3. Improved sales and customer loyalty
  4. Enhanced employee satisfaction

For more details about this solution offering, please connect with us.

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