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5.0 (1)

Take screenshots of websites and insert them directly into your document.

WebScreenshots allows you to take screenshots of any website directly from within Word and use the formatted screenshot in your documents.

There's no longer a need for you to open your image editor of choice and waste time cropping and resizing those screenshots to make them fit in your document. Simply open WebScreenshots, enter the website address you need and it will generate the screenshot for you.

Not only will WebScreenshots take the screenshot, it will allow you to choose from a number of screenshot sizes for you to choose the one best suited to your document.

Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Ihr Dokument lesen und Änderungen vornehmen.
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474839215/Product_42949674989/Asset_755a97c3-d8c2-4979-9a53-6447cba3ea05/screenshot3.png