Address Book


The solution allows an employee to find all types of contacts and be in touch with colleagues.

Address Book is a simple application for optimization of corporate communications, intended for users of local and cloud versions of Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows an employee to find all types of contacts and be in touch with colleagues. The application is optimized for mobile devices and supports all main browsers.

Address Book is designed for companies seeking to simplify their communications. Just export any contacts of employees, partners or customers to the application, and your company will be able to use the new corporate address book immediately. All addresses and links in the application are clickable which enables you to immediately talk by Skype, mobile phone or write an e-mail.

Address Book also reduces the risks in the area of information security. Instead of copying all the data to personal devices, the company uses a single secure database of contacts. This approach is very important to prevent spreading information on key customers and hunting personnel by competitors.

★Important note★

Please use logins that have Site Owner or Site Admin permissions for installation.

# Address Book Change Log

## [1.0.7] - 2016-11-29

### Fixed

- Fix configuration issue when installation fails if there are no permissions to change the web properties.

## [1.0.6] - 2016-11-18

### Fixed

- Fix the save button appearance on the bottom of the add and edit contact forms.

## [1.0.5] - 2016-11-15

### Fixed

- Show a description on the add-in’s start screen if the app has not been configured yet.

## [1.0.4] - 2016-11-07

### Fixed

- Added a description to the add-in’s start screen.

## [1.0.3] - 2016-10-04

### Fixed

- Contacts loading will be failed if one's user profile is inaccessible.

- The list of users to import is empty if one's user profile is inaccessible.

## [1.0.2] - 2016-02-05

### Added

- Call a contact from the list form.

### Fixed

- Fix the search block layout on the list forms.

- Fix an installation error rendering.

## [1.0.1] - 2015-12-28

### Fixed

- About: hide 'version' and 'updated' if they are inaccessible.

- Localize the title of the page.

- Translate the title of the 'user-settings' configure stage.

- Improve translation(ru) of the final configure stage.

- Improve the add-in logo.

## [1.0.0] - 2015-12-13

An official release to the Office Store.

Note: Address Book Add-in is fully functional with all versions of Internet Explorer 11 and later, and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. You may find some issues with viewing it in Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.

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