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Tree Data Map

Garden City Consultants

1.0 (1)

Tree Data Map is a tool to visualize hierarchical data into heatmap


Tree-map add-in visualizes 2 data series into sets of colored hierarchical rectangles. The color and size can represent different data series. Data analyst can use this add-in visualize the data in different categories. Financial professional can use this add-in to analysis the security market and build heat-map based on sector, industry performance, etc.

4 data columns:

  • The first column has the data items.

  • The second column has the parent level text.

  • The 3rd column has the number to map to the sizes of the rectangle.

  • The 4th column has number to map to the color values.


  • Click the area and navigate into the detail. Left mouse click, the navigation returns to parent level.

  • Mouse over the items, the value of the items are shown in the tool-tip.

  • The color of the map and the top level category text can be set in the setting screen.

  • Sample data can be used as the template to build the new customized map.

  • Easy to use and user friendly.

  • Change the tree map title by clicking the title area and enter the text as needed.


  • Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.

  • Click Insert Sample Data button to insert the sample data and view the tree map.

  • Build own hierarchical data and follow the same format as in the sample data, then paste into the sample data table.

  • Enter the top level text in the setting screen as needed.

  • Change colors in setting screen as needed.

  • Click in the title area in the tree map to enter preferred title.

  • Click area to navigate into the detail. Left mouse click to return to parent level.
Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Ihr Dokument lesen und Änderungen vornehmen.
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474846017/Product_42949679541/Asset_88904940-cb52-4a60-8210-e8fe7768379f/TreeMap.png