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Collaborate in real time with an online whiteboard.

Freehand is a visual canvas where teams can inclusively come together to plan, brainstorm, align, and present.

It’s simple and approachable, so teams can quickly jump in and feel comfortable right away. Whether you’re doing a project kick-off, mind mapping, getting feedback on designs, or creating an org chart, Freehand can help make your next moment of collaboration more visual and fun.

Add a Freehand to a Microsoft Teams channel: Pin whiteboards to your Teams’ channel so team members can always find and contribute to a Freehand async.

Share a Freehand in a meeting: Members can view and interact with the canvas equally in the meeting stage, bringing the feeling of huddling around a whiteboard to remote working sessions.

Bring ideas to life with sticky notes, emoji reactions, add-ons, and more: Take advantage of intuitive tools that encourage engagement and showcase your team’s creative thinking.

Backed by InVision’s enterprise-ready security: Utilize features like SSO, IP whitelisting, SCIM, and validated data protection and security practices to ensure work stays secure.

The Freehand for Microsoft Teams app is available for all InVision plans (even free plans!). Sign up at


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  • Dieses Add-In kann auf persönliche Informationen in der aktiven Nachricht zugreifen, beispielsweise Telefonnummern, Anschriften oder URLs. Das Add-In sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst. Andere Elemente in Ihrem Postfach können weder gelesen noch geändert werden.

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