Change Request Management (Plus)

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Implement Change, Track Requests, and Reduce Risk with Chronodat Change Request Management Add-In

Change Management is one of the most important elements in IT Service Management (ITSM), which helps organizations in ensuring that the prevalent processes and procedures are employed when making any changes to IT infrastructure. Every organization needs a thorough understanding of its environment in order to be able to adapt to change whilst fully utilizing and minimizing risks of any changes to the environment. Chronodat Change Request Management SharePoint add-in is the perfect tool to help your organization with in-depth analysis, understanding and assistance in minimizing risk to your IT and non-IT environments.

Chronodat Change Request Management (Plus) for Office 365 is available as a free, fully featured 15-day trial (1xSite License with an unlimited number of end users) .

Add-In Features:

  • NEW! Set Global health site alerts to keep your organization aware of service outages or other key infrastructure events.

  • NEW! Multi-lingual support to localize labels.

  • NEW! Change Email Notification email account to you Support mailbox email account.

  • Fully configurable, preset sample email templates as well as integrated workflows for notifying the change owner, assignee, approver, and requestor as the case may be
  • Configurable Change Categories and Change Sub-Categories that can be configured in accordance with the needs of your organization
  • Our built-in dashboards are color-coded for quick reporting and metrics. There is a main Dashboard for all existing change requests as well a dashboard “personal views” for each team member indicating Approved and Rejected requests. The Dashboard provides information on:

- The 10 most recent updates to change requests ranked by status;

- Pie Chart indicating Active and Closed change requests;

- Bar Chart indicating Change Status, ranked according to priority;

- Bell Curve Chart that indicates Change Status according to Project;

- Grid indicating Change Status according to members it was Assigned;

- The 5 most recent updates to Change Requests listed without any ranking

  • Absolute and transparent control over change execution through change status updates indicating which are approved, open, in review, in progress or completed
  • A preset Change Prefix for easy identification and management of change requests
  • Fully customizable add-in logo for branding purposes
  • A quick, powerful search engine capable of easily finding issues
  • Export options available into formats such as PDF, CSV, and Excel among others
  • Setup provisions for a designated Support Contact for Change Sub-Categories
  • A repository for storage, upload, sharing and use of Project Team documents
  • A Team Calendar for tracking project team events as well as client and project meetings etc.

Try Change Request Management (Plus) free 15 days trial now!

Installation & Configuration

Chronodat Change Request Management (Plus) add-in is simple to install. Our team is here to help you configure the service where required. With a few settings in place you are up and running in a flash!


Compatible with IE10 and upper version and latest version of Chrome & Firefox

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