Employee Directory And Org Chart

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Employee Directory with advanced search feature and Organization chart

Employee directory And Org Chart is a SharePoint hosted add-in for SharePoint/Office 365 which enables the users to search and communicate with the colleagues.

Attractive features: -

. Design which follows the modern UI of SharePoint

. Advanced search feature on employee directory

. Expandable and collapsible organization chart in all directions

. Directory and Organization chart are available as web parts which can be used in modern and classic SharePoint pages

. Employee directory web part has department property so that it can be used to display department specific directory

. Organization chart web part has root user email property so that it can be used to show a subset of the entire organization hierarchy

. Write your own theme for the add-in according to the branding of the SharePoint site with CSS knowledge

Notes: -

. This is a 30 days trial version, please reach out to Cloudlas support team for the license

. Organization hierarchy must be defined in the tenant for the organization chart to work.

. Supported browsers are Internet explorer 11 or later, Chrome and Firefox.

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